Marketing Projects

Short term engagements to deliver what you need, including:

Website/Digital Marketing Specification

Still don’t feel ready for the leap into the digital age? Requirements gathering, draft briefing documents, tenders, planning and specification documents. Everything you do need and nothing that you don’t.

Marketing Project/Campaign Management

Want to kick-start your sales funnel with a lead generation project? Or perhaps you’d like someone to implement a CRM system for you?  Navigating specialist areas without the right skills can lead to additional expenses and cause future headaches if placed in the wrong hands.

Customer & Win/Loss Research

Want to find out what your existing customers or prospects think about your organisation?  Want to break into new markets, or understand what your next service offering should be, or just do what you do, but better?  Maybe you’d like to know why you are losing deals? Conducting win/loss research has the answers.

Crisis Communications Planning/Handling

What processes do you have in place to deal with a disaster?  Would your communication with your staff, customers or the media, would you be seamless and coherent? Plan your communications early so that minor emergencies don’t escalate into full-scale crises.