How We Work

We believe in providing practical marketing support that turns strategy into action.

Usually we work as a fully integrated member of your team. We pride ourselves in establishing meaningful stakeholder relationships, ensuring work is always delivered in a collaborative way.

As such, during the course of our work we will need to ask questions about you, your team and your business; the answers to which may be considered sensitive. Open and honest feedback is both valued and necessary in order for us to do our job properly. Information that appears to be sensitive will of course be treated with discretion and as such we expect to have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

How do we start engagements?
More mature clients will often come with a specific goal in mind. Others don’t know where to start. Having experience of every size of client over the 10 years means our solutions can adapt to suit your needs perfectly. We always start with a discovery session which helps us get quickly up to speed with the issues.

What Loud & Clear is not?
We are not a brand design, website development, or sales agency. However we do work with those types of suppliers on behalf of our clients everyday. We act like your Marketing Director. We give strategic advice and put marketing activities to work by briefing and project managing suppliers, or your internal resources, to deliver them, according to our industry best practice approach.

Your suppliers or ours:
We can work with a network of our own suppliers and service providers, or work with yours to help you get what you need.

Loud & Clear Marketing can be engaged in a number of ways:

  • Retained – Committing to a specific number of days a month on a longer-term basis means you get a better rate
  • Day Rate – you only need a day here and there to pick up as and when needed
  • ‘Power by the Hour’ – Useful for when you know what you need and it’s a reasonably quick job

If you are considering engaging Loud & Clear, why not hear what our customers have to say?