No matter how large or small your organisation, outsourced marketing services can help you. From picking up the mantle when you are just too busy to cope, to specific project delivery, to on-going support.

What do you consider your biggest business or marketing challenge?  Get marketing advice that is appropriate to your business. We can help you with:

  • Marketing Audit to understand where you are and where you’d like to get to
  • Agency/Supplier selection (requirements gathering, tenders, pitches etc.)
  • Advice regarding CRM and how to manage your client/prospect data
  • Customer communications planning (cross-sell to existing clients)
  • Consultancy regarding your brand and what it says about you
  • Marketing activity planning appropriate for your business
  • Website planning and specification documents
  • Public Relations & reputation management
  • Creation of your marketing strategy
  • Planning lead generation activities
  • Briefing suppliers on your behalf
  • Social media training and advice
  • Marketing campaign planning

For SMEs

Is this your story?

I hear this frequently:  You are a business with perhaps 100+ people in it.  You delivered a great product or service, and you grew. Well done! You hired a marketing executive.  But let’s face it, they do what you tell them (or maybe you don’t give them any direction at all, ouch) and you get what you want and not what you need.  That worked for a while, but now it is time to do it properly and chart your course for strategic success. 

For Large Enterprise

  • Want to deliver a Digital Transformation project and don’t know where to start?
  • Need to conduct a marketing function skills audit and hire to new competences?
  • Maybe you know what you need but you just don’t have a full-time requirement?
  • Need an Interim Marketing Director who is on your side?
  • Need independent advice from a marketing expert?

Loud & Clear Marketing services can be turned on or off as your requirements dictate.

Ad hoc Project Management – Loud & Clear Marketing can manage campaigns, product launches, events or other one-off marketing projects such as requirement scoping, selecting and on-boarding new suppliers.

Strategy and/or Process Implementation – Need to add a sense of direction, repeatable processes and logic to your otherwise stretched team?

Skills Gap Analysis & Marketing Recruitment – If you decide you have a full time requirement Loud & Clear can help find the right person for your company and needs, including help with the job description and KPI’s.*

*Recruitment agency still required. Loud & Clear Marketing support you with testing candidates in accordance with requirements for your business, aligned to your goals, not recruitment company sales targets.

For Creative Agencies

Creatively excellent, but strategically weak?

Or, perhaps you have had an influx of clients and need to balance the workload?

Suffering peaks and troughs in your workload and client demand? Perhaps you have significant off-line heritage but would like to understand how to integrate on-line channels into your clients’ communications campaigns..?

Claire has over twenty years in-house client-side experience working at a strategic and senior level with +£1.25m agency budgets; she understands the needs of your clients precisely. 

Work for your clients can be done ‘behind the scenes’ so that your client need never know you outsourced the strategy. We are equally comfortable representing you directly in front of the client on behalf of your agency, or, as a partner of your agency.