Common Business Challenges

Outsourced marketing consultancy services can help you with typical and common business challenges, such as:

  • Awareness – nobody knows we are here
  • Acquisition – people seem to know about us but don’t come to us (they go to the competition), or, we want to grow faster!
  • Retention/Customer attrition – we win new clients but we can’t keep them
  • Maximise use of existing infrastructure – we are busy most of the time but I’d like to increase utilisation up to and beyond capacity and grow my business
  • Design – we need a professional ‘look’ to help us play on the same field as the ‘big guys’
  • Do more, better – we do the basics but we’d like our marketing to be more sophisticated
  • Product launches – we’d like to launch a new product but are not sure how to go about it, we need a plan we can implement
  • Processes/Technology – we’d like to implement some processes or technology (e.g. a CRM solution) to safe-guard future sales opportunities and harness our client base
  • Specific Project Management – we’d like to invite to tender a new PR, design agency or email marketing service provider and would like someone to manage the process for us
  • Please help, I don’t know where to start! Don’t worry, Loud & Clear’s discovery workshop can help you.