Loud & Clear Marketing provides on-demand strategic marketing consultancy and services to B2B companies. Our advice and services help organisations with a multitude of projects and long-term commitments across many areas including strategy, operations, talent, digital transformation, processes and best practices.

Marketing Operations

Marketing Function Setup

Hit the ground running by working with a marketing expert to make sure you get what you need. Complete marketing function setup including strategy development, agency selection, recruitment of marketing talent, marketing processes and technology recommendations.

Marketing Skills Gap Analysis and Recruitment

Identifying the difference between the skills you want or need, and those you actually have available is crucial. We can conduct a skills gap analysis that will highlight the resources required to meet your business objectives, while guiding the recruitment process to ensure you get the right marketing support in place.

Agency/Supplier Selection

Understand business requirements, shortlist suppliers, manage pitches and recruit agencies based on competence. We can also brief suppliers before handing over to the business and transitioning to Business As Usual (BAU).

Interim Marketing Director

Working as an advisor consultant at board-level to help keep organisations on track.  Virtual, interim or on-demand Marketing Director level support for your business.

UK Marketing (Virtual) Office

If you are a business that is based elsewhere, but would like to enter the UK market, we can help launch or promote your business to a UK audience.

In-house Training

  • Marketing 101
  • Social media training
  • Basic principles of data management
  • Reputation management and crisis communications

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Audit

Understand your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, look at the competitive landscape, discover who your most profitable customers are, identify key target clients and review your brand identity.

Marketing Strategy

Create a marketing strategy for your organisation that will help you compete harder, sell more and build a positive reputation (includes above).

Messaging Workshop

Learn to speak to your clients in a language they will understand, develop your key messages and understand your company personality.

Marketing Projects

Short term engagements to deliver what you need, including:

Website/Digital Marketing Specification

Requirements gathering, customer journey consideration, supplier briefing documents, tenders, planning and specification documents.

Marketing Project/Campaign Management

Want to kick-start your sales funnel with a lead generation project? Or perhaps you’d like someone to implement a CRM system for you?  Support for key projects, such as events, comms plans, or PR campaigns to name a few, are essential to ensure customer acquisition, retention and growth.

Win/Loss Research

Want to find out what the prospects in your funnel really think about your organisation?  Want to know why they didn’t buy from you? Want to break into new markets, or understand what your next service offering should be, or just do what you do, but better?  Maybe you’d like to know why you are losing deals? Conducting win/loss research has the answers.

Customer Research

See value in taking the pulse of the customer regularly? Persona mapping, brand perception analysis, focus groups and product feedback are some of the key services we offer, giving you invaluable insights on performance and areas for improvement.

Social Media Objection Handling and Crisis Management

Dealing with dissonant voices of ‘keyboard warriors’? We’ll arm you with the tools to handle objectors and extinguish issues rather than inflame them.

Crisis Communications Planning/Handling

What processes do you have in place to deal with a disaster? How would you communicate with your staff, customers or the media? Would you be seamless and coherent? Plan your communications early so that emergencies can be handled in a co-ordinated and professional manner.

Marketing Planning Workshop

Often a good place to start when you know you need help but aren’t sure what you need.

Loud & Clear Marketing will lead a workshop with all relevant business stakeholders.

The marketing workshop will take those business stakeholders on a journey through your business priorities. This includes understanding the target audience, defining the appropriate weighting of marketing strategies, and determining key messages.

This context work will lead to strong business advice on the practical steps needed to help you with customer acquisition, customer relationship management, and the  retention of more customers, as well as support you in scaling or diversifying the organisation. Stakeholders will be asked to bring information with them to the workshop in order to make the session as productive as possible.